Sumit Jain
Mr. Sumit Jain is the eldest son of late Sunil Jain. After the early death of late Sunil Jain, Mr. Sumit Jain being the eldest member of the family took over the entire responsibility of the family & business at the age of 30 years though experienced in the mining field from 13 years. Since then he is heading the entire business establishments & family.
He is Managing Partner in Dev Mining Company Since 2015 onwards. Since then he has been looking after the entire business activities of Dev Mining Company including Management, Finance & domestic business.
He is instrumental in modernization, expansion & diversification in high value highly mechanized operation in mining, because of well experience & pioneering efforts Mr. Sumit Jain is well known youngest mining contractor & respected person in the mining industry at the age of 32 years. He has successfully established mining operations in C.G & M.P.